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Department of Psychology

Welcome to the Online Screening Test

The Project

This is a screening test that is part of PhD research being conducted under the supervision of Prof. Bill Thompson. There are two parts of this project. The first part is to characterise and compare two disorders of music and language (Congenital Amusia and Dyslexia). If you meet the criteria for the screening tests, you may be contacted to participate in further studies in our lab. The second part is to examine visual-spatial capabilities and audio-visual integration among individuals with Congenital Amusia. You may be invited to participate in this project. This work is being conducted in the Australian Hearing Hub (AHH), at Macquarie University. For this online test, every 50 participants will go in a draw to win a $20 iTunes gift card.

What Will Be Done

This 20-minute on-line test includes three blocks:

  1. Block 1: listen to pairs of tunes and decide whether they are the same or different. This test is from MBEA (Montreal Battery of Evaluation of Amusia) developed by Peretz, Champod and Hyde (2003).
  2. Block 2: listen to some melodies and detect whether there is an out-of-key note in each melody.
  3. Block 3: fill-in a checklist about your reading ability. This checklist is developed by Ian Smythe and John Everatt (2001).

Click the links below to take the online test. Once you have completed the all three blocks you will receive your scores. We hope that you will find this fun and stimulating!

Please try to take this test in a quiet room and if possible, use headphones at a comfortable listening level.

For maximum compatibility we recommend using Mozilla Firefox if possible, or make sure you have already installed Adobe Flash Player when you use other browsers. (

At the end of the experiment you will get your test scores. If you have any questions about the project or would like to be tested in our lab, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to: (9850-2942),, (9850-2978) or (9850-4083).

Risks or Discomforts

There are no known risks or discomforts to the participants in this project.


There are no known benefits to individual participants though people typically enjoy the task and find it interesting. This research will help to learn more about yourself and also you can get feedback on your performance.


Participation in this study and information gathered will be kept entirely confidential. The findings of the study may be published, but individual participants will not be identified.

The study is being conducted by Yanan Sun, PhD student at Department of Cognitive Science (Ph: 9850-2942; AHH Level 3 North 3.405; email: and Xuejing Lu, PhD student at Department of Psychology (Ph: 9850-2947; AHH Level 3 North 3.330; e-mail: as being conducted to meet the requirements of PhD degree under the supervision of Prof. Bill Thompson (Ph: 9850-4083; C3A 521; of the Department of Psychology, Macquarie University.

Any information or personal details gathered in the study are confidential. No individual will be identified in any publication of the results. Only Yanan Sun, Xuejing Lu, Kirstin Robertson-Gillam, who is assisting with data collection, Lena Quinto, who may assist with data analysis, and Bill Thompson will have access to the data. A summary of the results of the data can be made available to you on request via email.

Participation in this study is entirely voluntary: you are not obliged to participate and if you decide to participate, you are free to withdraw at any time without having to give a reason and without consequence.

You may contact any of the researchers by calling Yanan Sun (02-9850-2942) or Xuejing Lu (02-9850-2497) or by sending an email to: or The ethical aspects of this study have been approved by the Macquarie University Human Research Ethics Committee. If you have any complaints or reservations about any ethical aspect of your participation in this research, you may contact the Committee through the Director, Research Ethics (telephone (02) 9850 7854; email Any complaint you make will be treated in confidence and investigated, and you will be informed of the outcome.

You may wish to print a copy of this form for your records.

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