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Department of Psychology

Welcome to the Postgraduate of Social Health and Counselling Course

This course is closed and there will be no new applications accepted for 2014 and beyond

The Social Health and Counselling program (previously Clinical Drug Dependence Studies) has been offered by the Department of Psychology for two decades. The restructured Social Health program, offered by the Department of Psychology started in 2002.

The Centre for Drugs and Alcohol (NSW Department of Health) provides some financial support of the program. The Alcohol and Education Rehabilitation Foundation provides scholarships for Indigenous students.

The information here is designed to give prospective and enrolled students an overview of the Social Health program. It details all specific regulations. For general academic regulations, please consult the Macquarie University handbook of Postgraduate Studies and the Macquarie University Calendar of Governance, Legislation and Rules.

We have made every attempt to ensure the information is accurate at the time of writing. The detailed content and readings for each of the units will be updated in February (1st Semester) and June (2nd Semester) and available to students via the iLearn login page.